Thursday, November 8, 2012

Call me Rain {wo}Man?

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For the first one they asked a few people to share short workouts for runs that are about 50-60 min.

I sent one and it was picked for their list of 10 short challenging runs.
You can find all 10 here: and open the link to the word doc.

Mine is about pacing and it is the Rain Man style workout!

Pace, Rain-Man Style (4-6 miles)
“This run helps me learn to focus and learn pacing.”
—Caroline Eakle (admits to being “really, really bad” at pacing)

·Mile 1: warm up
·Mile 2: run 100 steps at half-marathon pace, 100 steps at 10K pace, alternate until end of mile.
·Mile 3: run 100 steps at half-marathon pace, 100 steps at 5K pace, alternate until end of mile.
·If you want: repeat Mile 2 or Mile 2 + 3
·Last mile: cool down

Check the other 9, maybe something will "speak" to you!

Finally the heat is gone!!! It even rained today!  It started to rain when I was getting ready to start my run.  Wasn't too sure how far I would go. Since I gave up on Big Sur, I am a little lost.  I also don't know if I will be running a race this weekend....I am thinking yes as of now...but not 100% sure.

So I decided to do 5 miles and a minute after I turned around to go back to the school someone came running behind me and it was this lady!!  Sandy, who is so nice and also so much faster than me!  She ran with me to the school and it went by so fast!  It was great to run with her, did not even notice the rain.  She was nice and went at my slower pace.  What a great surprise this was to run with Sandy this morning!!!

Warning...the last part is about my kids...
I include my boys here and especially when they do something good, great and beyond that because maybe one day they will read all this to know more about dear old mom and I do want them to know how proud I am of them.

Yesterday was Award Day for the 1st trimester and it was a good day for my kids.
They both received awards.  They both got the highest reading award in their grade.  Jonathan was the only student to receive that one in his grade.  The Principal was the one giving the awards and and she thought it was a typo...she had to asked the teacher if this was correct!!!


a runner said...

Your boys are pretty amazing :)

Boston Bound Brunette said...

That was one of the best runs that I have had in a while. I was so busy talking to you that I didn't even pay attention to the pace and sometimes those are the best runs. The time passed so quickly and the run back was boring. I actually liked the route we ran so if you see me there again I am not following you or stalking you lol! Your boys are just incredible! It is a blessing when your kids are doing well in school. Sorry about Big Sur but I think your head is in the right place. I would have done the same.

Yo Momma Runs said...

Wow, I am impressed that you can count all those steps while running. That has got to do something amazing for the brain!

Nelly said...

Sounds like you have some seriously smart kids. In school I was always above average I'd say, but there were always people smarter than me. I never took calculus in high school, or any AP classes, whereas a lot of my friends took them. I definitely see your boys being advanced and taking AP classes in high school for sure!

TorontoRunner said...

I just read around your blog, your journey and your races. You are such an inspiration!!

Congrats to your kids, how cute! And smart!

Raina said...

You should be proud of those boys!! Fantastic achievement there. I am thrilled that my middle son has started reading this year. It will make his life so much richer!

Hope you can find another race to target. I bet that would help you find your way. Maybe a turkey trot?

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

That sounds like a great workout! Every time I catch up on your blog or on Facebook I'm so happy to see pictures of your boys - they are so amazing, and you are such a proud mother!

I'm sorry to hear about Big Sur - even though it sounds like the right decision, that's never easy. I'll be thinking of you next weekend. :)