Friday, November 2, 2012

Not a stellar week

Week post race is never the greatest for me and this week we had Halloween so my mileage is pretty crappy so far.   I volunteered at the school more than usual and I still have to go tomorrow for my usual "shift".  It is important to me and also to my kids that I help the teachers and if I have to miss a run well so be it. 

I am a Mom who runs, not a runner who is a mother.

I like Halloween with my kids.  When I was young, I NEVER went trick or treating...NEVER, NOT ONCE, ZERO TIME.  Not by my choice.  My dad did not allow it.  I am still a little mad about that...  Anyway...I always said that if I had kids, I would make sure Halloween is great for them.  Our school has a parade and it is really fun to see all the kids in their costumes.  I love it.  The teachers also dress up, it's a good day!

Jonathan and his best buddy Zeke.  Amazing that they are the same age..

Will and his gal pal Kylie.  They have been in the same class for the last 3 yrs.  She is hilarious.  She calls him "Willy"..she is the only person who is "allowed" to do that. :)  She tells him when to get a haircut... like an old married couple...really funny.

Jonathan and Will during the Parade.

Speaking of my kids....(I know I know...but I HAVE to...)
The first trimester is over.  Already!
I am sure Jonathan did great but I have not seen his results yet.

I already know that Will did GREAT.  Better than GREAT actually.
He got 100% on all Language Art bench mark tests.
He got 100% on all Math bench mark tests.
He got 100% on his book report for the trimester.
He is the only one in his grade with a report card like that and well it would be impossible to be prouder than I am.   He really is a great kid.  Love you Will!

Awards Day is next week and it will be a good day!

We need a good day over here.... Last week Bill had a 2nd interview for a job near where we live and on Friday he got the call that he finished 2nd and they offered the position to another guy....Back to square 1....  Yesterday we lost our health insurance and we now have to pay a lot of $$$$ for private insurance.  It sucks.  Coming from a country where everyone gets health coverage for free....this is really frustrating for me.

While I am on a almost non running post...I am just gonna keep going...

I have been busy with my little in home business..making cards orders. 

If you would like to get your own handmade cards, Shutterfly has a great coupon until Friday: 101 free prints!  I also make digital photo cards, you get the jpeg file and can email or print the cards and Winkiflash has 40% off coupons for cards including 4x8 format.

A few samples..


middleagedrunner said...

Your kids are so darn cute and I love that "Willy" has a bossy lady friend- that cracks me up :-)
Also they are clearly both geniuses- you are a great mom to a couple of lucky boys!!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Your kids are just so cute and Will is a little genius! I would be so proud as well. It is a great feeling when your children are successful in school. I love how that Kylie keeps your son in check about his haircuts.. too funny! Sorry that Bill did not get the job but there is something better out there for him and it is going to happen soon. Being without health insurance is a tough thing and I agree that it is a much better deal in Canada! I had a co-worker who retired and always talked about how he could keep his entire family insured for much of nothing. I need to start thinking about Christmas cards and get a photo taken! Your cards look great!

Terzah said...

You know I love my cards. :^)

I'm sorry about Bill not getting that job, but my fingers are crossed that where there was one opportunity there will be others. The health insurance thing REALLY pisses me off.

I'm very glad everything remains fantastic with your boys!

Kate said...

I'm pretty sure we have that exact same costume as Jonathan's. :)

What a great feeling to see your kids doing so well. You're a great mom.

Hopefully Bill's something better is just around the corner!

Elle said...

So great that you support your children's Hallowe'en and school activities. They are so cute!

Hope that something BETTER is right around the corner for your husband.

Michael said...

I absolutely love Halloween. I'm sorry you missed out on this experience as a child. That sucks! Jim's kind of a Halloween fuddy duddy. It's one of my favorite holidays and his least favorite :( Boo! Your kids looked great!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

We pay for private health insurance - and I hate it. Coming from places with free health care to America is crazy. I'm thinking about your family and hoping that Bill find the perfect job! You should be so proud of your boys - they are wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

um, Will’s g-friend is adorable! he totally scored! :) i’m so sorry about bill. keeping yall in my thoughts and prayers that the right job comes along soon! hugs!