Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pacing and Race Pictures

Long Beach Official Race Pictures are out.
I always look at them.
I rarely buy any because their price just make me sick...Seriously they don't want any of us to buy their pictures right?  I mean who do they get? First timers.  That's what I think.  First Marathon.  First Half Marathon (I bought those).  First Relay (I bought that one too). 

Long Beach is a CROWDED race and I thought for sure I would have no picture but I do.
Some are OK actually.  I even have a decent one at the finish line, not my usual puking/dry heaving one!  I have one with my arms up. 

I did not PR that day but this could be a personal best in race pictures...I don't look like I am dying in any of them.

I took 2 running days off after LB.  Monday I volunteered at the school and Tuesday I was a chaperon for a field trip to the theater with Jonathan's class.  I got to ride in the yellow times..and Jonathan did not get the memo that I get car sick...guess what seat he picked....yep the very LAST row.   He was so happy I went that it was worth a little nausea :)

Went back to running yesterday and today, 5 and 4 miles. 
I am focusing on starting faster. 
I am terrible at pacing during races.  Really really bad.

If I start at a pace that is close to my 10K pace...I tend to crash at mile 8 and slow down quite a bit.  If I start slow with the intention of picking up the pace after maybe 5 miles or so...I stay at the slower pace and I am not able to turn things around and I often end up crashing before the end also.  In both situations I end up with POSITIVE splits. I ran my faster half marathons when I started "faster" not when I tried to do the "right thing": start slow and finish strong.  I do better with what I call the "banking method" know bank some precious minutes early on.  I know this is not how we are supposed to race. 

I want to get better at running LONGER at my "faster" pace.  I would take having nice even splits in my next half marathons over positive splits with the second part being a complete disaster.  I think that once I get to the place where I can keep a- faster than long runs- pace for 13.1 miles then I could work on negative splits.  I will have to learn how to accelerate.  Right now I can only decelerate.

Do you struggle with pacing during races? 

In other news...

It is not HOT this week!!! We even had a storm today! Rain and it is cooler, as in the kids are wearing jeans cooler. I love it!

On the job search for Bill....I wish things were moving faster.  I think about that all the time.  I have a hard time being positive about it and trusting that something "good" will come out of this nightmare.  I am thinking of what I can do.  That is all I think about actually.  I would love to work from home so I could still take care of my kids.  I looked online and a lot of what I see looks like scams.  You know too good to be true kind of thing.  Do you work from home?  What do you do?  Do you have any tips or advices for me? 

For now I am trying to get my little in home business going.  I made flyers and Jonathan's teacher is letting me put them in the kids Friday folders this week.  So grateful for that.  (I ship anywhere so tell all your friends + family and all the strangers you meet!!! )


Boston Bound Brunette said...

I hope you are resting better. Bill will find a job but I know how stressful that can be and it easy to tell someone not to worry when it is not you. I am so happy about the weather as well but I heard that we will be back into the 90's next week so enjoy it while it lasts.

I am with you and your belief in the banking method which has sometimes proven to be a good method for me too. I am afraid to start slow and finish strong because I am afraid that by the time the end comes I will be dead and the strong finish will be out the window!

I think your business is a very good idea and hopefully you will get lots of customers with the holidays coming up.

Kate said...

I usually just run by feel. I don't do well when I'm "trying" to run a certain pace for very long. My runs have a real ebb and flow to them...sometimes it's just one foot in front of the other, and then all the sudden I'll feel awesome and just go with it.

PB in race pictures!! Love it! :)

And yeah...the whole ride on the school bus thing is NOT a perk of being a teacher.

Anonymous said...

I like the banking method as well, because it make me feel good and confident. Knowing I have x minutes as a buffer makes me feel better, worry less and that means run faster! I would recommend to increase your long runs in training. For a half marathon I would do a few 14 and 15 milers. Prior to the race. Good luck!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I've been really trying to run slower in the beginning of my races, and it really does make a difference. I always used to start too fast, but it's finally working out now!

I'm thinking about you and Bill, I know the right thing will come along. I work from home, so they're not all scams! I'm emailing you a link now that could work for something.

Emz said...

I looooove the photos!!
Love the finish line photo.

Not such a fan of bus rides. I get car sick too. Not. Awesome.


I sooooo missed you in LB. looks like a great race.

Sam said...

I'm a "banker'. If it gets me the time I want who cares. LOL Nice photos. I agree, they always cost so much. I don't miss the chaperoning field trip days for the same reason. Those school buses make you feel like hell. Good luck to your husband, I'm sure that something will come along soon.

Coy Martinez said...

You're scrapbooking work is really nice!! I clicked on the link and checked it all out!! Maybe you can help me with my Christmas cards this year!?

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I agree that their prices seem insane to me. I would think if they charged less and had more buyers they would make more money, right??

Plus I always look like I'm walking, so blah.

I am lucky to be pretty good at pacing. in fact if I settle in to a pace I can usually hit it within seconds for most of the race

Colleen said...

I think your pictures look great Caroline! I always look like death in my race pictures. Every.Single.One! :)

No advice on the pacing. I am pretty bad at it most of them time and have just resorted to going by feel.

The scrapbook is awesome. Do you have a link on Etsy too?

Shannon said...

I hope he finds a job soon. My husband worked in another state for 4 1/2 years because we live in an area where there are NO jobs. He took a job back in May near where we live so he could be back home. We thought it was an answered prayer.

It was for a night shift supervisor job-12 hour shifts but only 3 nights each week SOMETIMES 4 nights so plenty of time off. Or so we thought.

Now they are working 5-6 nights each week and possibly going to increase to all 7. Sigh. Just when we thought we would have some family time again....However, we are thankful that he has a job.

I know things will work out for you and your family, and I think about you often!

By the way-your before and after pics are SO inspiring. You go girl!


Terzah said...

Those are great photos, Caroline! You always look good in your race pictures, IMHO.

I am thinking a lot about race pace ahead of my half marathon next weekend, too. I hope I can put in a respectable showing even without a PR. It's hard! I'm pretty good about not going out too fast (I might even go out too slow), but not so good about picking up the pace at the end.

lindsay said...

You look great!