Wednesday, October 24, 2012


That is the running equation for Caro.

CW + C = FRP

Cooler Weather + Caro = Faster Running Pace.

That works for a lot of people I know.  For me it is like magic.  Like a on/off switch.

I could not ask for better weather than what we had the last couple of days.  Mid 50s and sunny.  No wind.   Just perfect.

Of course it will not last....and by Sunday the temperatures will be back to the high 80s...86 to be exact and of course I have a race that day.....

Lately I have noticed that when asked "How are you doing?"  most people answer "Good" or "Great"...out of habit I think.  It is very rare that people actually say "Not so great actually"...because that is usually followed by an awkward silence because people don't expect anything but "Good".   I think about that because right now my honest answer cannot be good...because that is not correct.    I am dreading people asking me how I am doing because I suck at lying and if I am honest than I'd have to answer the follow up questions...At school, where I am really close friends with any of the parents, I don't really want to discuss my family's business.  I know in a way I make no sense because here I am typing this for all of you to read ...but it is not quite the same with the people I see every day at school... How about you always say "Good" ?

This week is Red Ribbon week at school.  It is a week to bring awareness to "Say no to Drugs and Bullying".  Each day has a theme: Hawaiian, crazy socks, crazy hair, 70s and red white and blue.  It is always really fun for the kids.

Crazy Hair Day was today.  I had two red hair boys! 

Here's Will -the giant- with his classmates.  I never notice how much taller than his friends he is until I see some pictures.  Look at the bottom right one!

Here's Jonathan with his friends.  On the top right those are his 1st grade friends (same age) and top left with the 2nd graders. 

 I finished this book in 2 days

Do you know this story? About the Memphis 3?
Crazy.  I watched the 3 documentaries Paradise Lost also and this story is really unbelievable.

Lastly...How about those Giants?...That is pretty great I think....Right Nelly?!


XLMIC said...

I don't always say 'good'. If you want a good thing to say that isn't a lie, here's my favorite: "i'm hanging in there...which is better than the alternative." That usually keeps things from getting to the awkward place. I wish you WERE great. And I wish I were great, too. For now, I'm glad we're both hanging in there :)

Boston Bound Brunette said...

When I am not doing so great, I just say "I am doing okay." It looks like the boys are having a great week with all of the special things going on. They are so cute and even cuter in person! I was just watching the weather yesterday and noticed how the hot weather will be back. I have not been able to take advantage of the cool weather but I am hoping to get a run in soon!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

haven't read that book, but I am now intrigued..and I'm doing good today thank you for asking :)

giraffy said...

Your boys are the cutest.

Hope things start to turn from not so great, to great, soon.

Kate said...

Having been there when my mom's answer to "How are you?" was awkwardly truthful, I try to stay real without going into gory details when someone is truly just being polite. "I'm all right", "I've been better", "managing..." are all options I've used.

At the same time, you never know who might be able to help you out, give you that job lead, whatever, if they only know what's going on. So there's a balance, I guess.

Your boys are too cute with all the red ribbon week stuff, and you know YOU weren't going to have any shorties. :)

Nelly said...

I like that equation, haha

I'm with Kate on that question about how to answer the how are you question. Occasionally I've said that answer to people. I generally don't ask that question to others unless I want to hear a legit answer. I'm like you, I can't lie to people.

For the Giants, I'm actually an A's fan, haha. Though I'd still rather see the Giants win than lose - that was amazing last night what Pablo did with 3 homers!

Coy Martinez said...

See, I say "good" but I do it while all down in the mouth so people really don't believe me. Or sometimes I just say "ok".

I haven't read that book but I have started that Ken Follett Pillars of the Earth. Have you read it!? It's like 940 pages. I'm on page 50 so I can tell that this will take nearly 5 months to finish.

Anonymous said...

The whole "how are you?" thing was new for me when I came to the US. In germany nobody would ask, because people would honestly tell you what they think, and nobody cares :)

I keep my fingers cross everything will turn out fine. I'm a strong believer in "everything happens for a reason" I have a feeling your husband finds an even better job!