Monday, November 4, 2013

Ragnar week and 2 offers for you!

It's RAGNAR week!
I am excited and also a little nervous!

Leaving on Thursday evening for Las Vegas with Sandy (boston bound brunette).
Our starting time is 12:30 pm Friday and we will run until Saturday evening!
200 miles total!

I am in Van 1 with several of my HTC teammates!
Nicole, Zoe, Kelsey, Vanessa, Sandy and me!

I am runner 4.
These are my legs

One with no van support and this time..I am not taking any chances I am bringing my phone.
For my last one the handbook says "strongly advice to bring the course map with you" so I will put a mini map in my pocket for that just in case.

I did not run a lot since my half marathon.  I worked every day last week and I also wanted to rest my knee.  Yesterday I had to cut my long run short because one of my boys was sick and needed me.
I did 5 miles this morning and it went ok.  I am working the day I am leaving so I will run tomorrow for sure and see how the knee is Wednesday.  If I run Wednesday it while be the 5th day in a row and I am not supposed to do that.

I need to start packing.   This is giving me a headache. The night will be cold that's for sure but during the day it could be warm....layers is key I think!
I am hoping for no rain and no wind!

If you follow me on Instagram you know Saturday I took my boys to their first NHL game!  We went to Staples center to see the LA KINGS.  It was awesome!  They love hockey like good Canadian kids!

They got to see themselves on the big screen ..that was really cool!

We were seating behind the goal! They got to see their favorite Jonathan Quick twice!

They lost ...(thanks to Carrie Underwood's husband...) but we had a blast!

Ok now two offers for you!!

Because I am running Ragnar on team NUUN-Pro Compression I have 2 coupons for you!

1. NUUN: 20% off your order with coupon ragnarvegas good until 12-31-13.

2. Pro Compression: 40% off and FREE shipping with coupon nuunpc good until 12-31-13.


Gracie said...

You must be recovering really well - perhaps this nagging injury is behind you for good. Looking forward to some fun (and safe this time, please!!!) recaps.

Raina said...

Hope that your knee is in full cooperation mode, Caroline!
It would be so fun to do this relay. Smart lady to bring your phone, just in case.
Thanks for the codes- those are great deals!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Have fun! so sad I couldn't go to Vegas and run with you, it would have been so fun. Hope your knee behaves.

Anonymous said...

Love the phrase "like good Canadian kids". Do your kids speak French? I'm planning on raising our daughter bi-lingual but I heard it is very difficult. Would love to know what you think.

Good luck this weekend! You will do GREAT!

Coy Martinez said...

I love following you on Instagram, your boys are so cool. They remind me of mine, just easy going, love to read, love sports, etc.

I think you'll have a great Ragnar. You just PR'd and that usually sets a person up for my great runs ahead!

Coy Martinez said...

for more great runs ahead. Grrrr keyboard.

Black Knight said...

.... and what happened in Las Vegas?
I am sure you did well and you had fun.