Monday, November 11, 2013

RAGNAR LAS VEGAS with NUUN and PRO COMPRESSION!! Part 1: The players and their quotes.

The famous line goes like this..."What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas..."...well not always....

Once again I had the unbelievable opportunity to run for team NUUN.  This time it was actually team NUUN/PRO COMPRESSION.

Sandy, Hyla, Zoe, Vanessa, Nicole, Me, Kelsey, Jenny, Sara,
Matt (yep we had one guy on the team!), Bri and Brennan.

I am very grateful that I had this chance!

I am a very proud NUUN ambassador!

Ok so Vegas...
This was my first RAGNAR and relay number 2 for me.
I was in van 1, runner 4.

I had the best teammates in my van it was a HTC 2012 reunion with one awesome addition to the gang!

Zoe, Nicole, Sandy, Vanessa, Kelsey and me

Here are the Van 1 runners in order that they ran up and down this course!

1. Nicole aka super new mom... super sweet and funny...badass runner (see pic below) ..Hello leg 1.... most notable line of the weekend "We are so going to be last".... thank God she was so wrong...!

2. Kelsey The ultimate southern girl!  So fun and positive! I love her accent Y'all! Most  notable line...well Kelsey wins that part....but I cannot say the best ones without her permission so I will say  these... "Running is fun!" "This is the nicest hotel I have ever been to" "I don't want this to end"  "Holla for a dolla y'all" !!

3. Sandy She was our new addition and what an addition she was.  I invited her to join our team when we went on the hunt for runners for the team.  I am so glad she said yes! She is the nicest woman.  Remember she walked a whole half marathon with me back in May?... She is so nice and so so fast.  Notable line "I will take this one easy...not going to be fast"...Right ....I was running after her and for one of the leg I was so concerned with making it to the exchange on time and not having the time to hit the porta potty that we drove to the exchange right after she took off...sorry really is only because you are so darn fast and awesome! Too fast for me to take a decent picture..see proof

4. That was me.  Notable Quotes: "Don't touch the Shi!!!!!t" "Did not puke on this leg!"
5. Zoe.  Zoe was our awesome van driver and captain!  She was fantastic.  She had really tough legs to run and still managed to be up beat and never ever said she was too tired to drive.  She would come back from running her legs and Nicole would ask if she could drive in her place and every time she said "No I am ok!".  Notable lines also cannot be repeated here... I will go with "Shut up Siri" "No Siri I will NOT make a U-turn here!" "Look out for the wild life people!"

6. Vanessa Last but not least..Vanessa!  She was also in my van for Hood to Coast and it is official: I cannot run a relay without this wonderful gal.  She is the sweetest person I know.  It is impossible to not like her.  She is so caring, always wanting to make sure everyone is OK.  I was supposed to be runner 6.  A few weeks before the relay Ragnar changed the legs and runner 6 was given a really really really HARD 10 miler.  10 freaking miles.  I went in MAJOR panic mode and I asked Vanessa to change runner position with me and she, being the nicest girl ever, said yes.  Who says yes to that? Vanessa!  So she had THE hardest leg of all 36 legs to run.  10 hard hilly DARK miles.  Yep it was her night leg.  She killed it and never complained once.  Notable quote: on the phone talking to her husband after that really dark leg where the battery of her knuckle lamp went dead and she had called him from the road to let him know the situation:  "I am alive"
I will stop here for this post....more to come....! 


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Looks like you had a blast...again!

Michael said...

It would have been a blast to join you. Looks like you had an amazing time! Congrats on another finish!

Megan said...

I'm so sad I didn't get to go -- this looks like a blast already! :)

giraffy said...

So fun!!! Congratulations, can't wait to hear the rest!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

So, so glad to get to be in your van again for an amazing relay! I don't think I am capable of running one without you with me :)

Boston Bound Brunette said...

This is great! Thank you for inviting me to come along.I had the time of my life. I swear I was going to take it easy but the positive vibe from all of girls in Van 1 just really had me on a true runners high! I think you forgot to mention how I kept complaining about the $5.50 bottles of water!!

macnic said...

YAY! You make me so excited to run Ragnar in Ontario in May! Can't wait for more!

Kelsey @ Go Girl said...

I love this sweet and totally accurate recap of who all our fabulous ladies were! So fun! Love the quotes you used for me. Haha at Sandy for going slow...if she was going slow then I must've been walking backwards at my pace. You are so sweet Caroline and I am so thankful we were in the same van this year! It was a perfect trip.

Lisa J said...

so glad you guys were able to find runners. Kelsey had reached out to me as well but i had previous commitments. I don't know the other girls, but i can vouch for Kelsey and Vanessa so I'm glad everyone else was equally awesome

Terzah said...

It looks like a great group, Caroline! So glad you had fun and lots of laughs and that Sandy was able to join you.

MILF Runner said...

Very, very cool! Sounds awesome :)

Raina R. said...

Aw.. Looks like you guys had the best time ever!! I am so glad you were able to find a good replacement. That is always tricky with relays-
Looks like a fun adventure, Caroline!