Monday, November 25, 2013

My real age is.....

41.1 years old!
Real age: almost 45 actually...tic toc tic toc's coming....
Well thank you.

I prefer the 26 some 6th grader said I was when I was working last week...but 41.1 after taking a detailed test is ok too.

Did you take that test?
What was your age?

Of course this is just a bunch of numbers and info mashed up but it gives an idea.

What makes me older?

1. Cholesterol that is too low.  Recommandation: drinking wine!!!! I would love to but I can't because I have stupid GERD.

2. Avoid smoking area.  I do that already.  That part of the test is where I should have answered differently I think.  It asked if I was ever exposed to second hand smoking... As a child I was because my parents were both smokers but that was over 30 yrs ago now....

I have has a rough couple of days.
A GERD relapse.  Full blown gastritis and I don't know why.
The only thing that can explain it is stress.
I did not cheat on my crazy diet.
It is so frustrating.
I cannot sleep..the burning and the pain is pretty bad.
3 nights awake...
That led to no long run yesterday...I did just 3 lame miles.
I feel so weak because I am not eating much or sleeping.
Not much food is going down... Oeasophagus is pretty irritated so it hurts to eat.
This, my friends SUCKS so bad.
But many people are worst than me I know this.
I am back on meds and drinking the ACV ...that part worries me because for me it means weight loss.

Anyway I hope it will calm down soon.
At least I got a 6 miler in on Thursday.

Turkey trot for the whole family is coming up!
I am doing it with my kids!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
I am thankful for a lot of things

My family
That I have a great husband 
2 Wonderful boys
That my parents are still with me and that they will be here in a month
That I am here!
That my kids are healthy
That they love love love school

Bragging portion:

First trimester awards: Will: principal honor roll (straigh As, only 4 kids in his crazy demanding class got this), achievement award (science and mats), Eagle reader (highest this trimester) and perfect score in state test award. Needs more hands!!

Jonathan: math fact champ (1 out of 7 in his grade), achievement award in Reading and science and honor reader award (highest in his grade and only one who got this one)

That they have great teachers
For my old Maggie who is the sweetest dog on the planet..she IS.
That Bill is working
That I have great friends 
That I have a part time job....and that I am getting some calls for it!
For books
That my boys love books as much as I do..maybe even more
For coffee ( my only real vice)
For running
Christmas shopping is done. Done. Done. Done. ( me no liking shopping)
That someone invented Claritin D and Halls.
To NUUN for great running adventure in Vegas
Running friends.
That you are reading this and continue to follow my journey
That other than GERD I am pretty healthy
That my kids still want to hang out with me...hope this will not change any time soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Take a bite of pie for me!!


Teamarcia said...

Kudos to those smarty pants boys of yours! Sounds like a year filled with many blessings. Fingers crossed that GERD calms down for you. Enjoy your family and the holiday!

Carrie Skoll said...

Congratulations to your boys and to you for doing such a good job.

I hope you're feeling better.

Gracie said...

What good kids! I hope your GERD quits in time for Thanksgiving. That sucks! :(

Glan Deas said...

Congratulations !!!! It is really very good. I like your post.

Kopi Luwak

Michael said...

Congrats to your boys - super stars!!!

Hope you are feeling better!

Have a great family Turkey Day race - that is awesome!!

Michael said...

Oh, and btw - it would actually be a blast to do the LA marathon with you, but I don't think I'll be doing any marathons next year...or if I do it will be fall again. Too hard to do early marathon with triathlon season - and I actually would like to do a few tris this year lol.

If you decide to go for it you can TOTALLy do it!

Terzah said...

I saw on FB that you got that 6-miler done--so hopefully that means the GERD is on the wane. Maybe I'll take that real age test later....I'm sorta scared....