Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 GOALS

I don't make new year's resolutions but I do set goals for myself as far as running goes.

This was my list for 2012:
  • I want to figure out a good way to fuel on LR and half marathons. That is not an easy thing to do for me. I have yet to find something that works and prevents me from collapsing at the end of a half marathon.
  • I want to run more than 1228 miles.
  • I want to run a 10k under 1 hour. (my PR is 1 hour flat)
  • I want to run a half marathon under 2:20. (my PR is 2:24:05)
  • I want to stay healthy.
  • I want to do better at Long Beach.
How did I do?

FUEL: Well it is still not perfect.  I now drink a lot of NUUN the day before a race.  During a race I only drink water.  For half marathons I now take a honey waffle stinger that I cut in small pieces and put in a bag in the back pocket of my skirt.  I usually don't eat the whole waffle.  I also take salt tablets every 30-40 minutes on a hot day or every 45-60 min on a cooler day.  I drink a lot of NUUN AFTER the race.   I still get dry heaves, I still puke...I still have weak finishes....I don't know if this will ever get under control.  My stomach sucks.  It causes me many troubles even when I am not running.

MILEAGE: I ended up with 1220 miles for 2012.  8 miles short of the goal but that is OK.  I was injured for the whole summer-fall so I am happy with 1220.

10K: Fail.  :(.  I know why.  I did not put the work to get a 10K PR.  Almost no speedwork so there you go.

Half Marathon: I did get my goal of going under 2:20!

Staying healthy: Well not really...I got injured in June (groin).  Did PT and I am still not 100% back.

Long Beach: I did do better but it was not great.  I was still in pain and there was a lot of walking during that one.

So overall not too bad.  I am most happy with going under 2:20 for the HM.  I PRd in the 5K distance this year and I still suck at the 10K.

Now for 2013:

1. I need to get serious about CORE workout.  For real.  Not just for 2 days every 3 months.  I want to do it minimum 3 days a week.

2. I need to continue my PT exercises.  I have been terrible at this lately and I am paying for it now. 

3. The mileage goal...I now know that this one can be out of my control but I'll say over 1200.

4. Half Marathon: Getting closer to 2:15.

5.  10K: I am still chasing a sub 1 hour race. 

6.  Completing my second Beach Cities challenge.

7. Be better at resting.... (no laughing allowed)

8.  Go back at the top of Mt Hood, face my demons at leg 25.

The Race Schedule

For now I am registered for these races:
  • 01-12-13 Riverside 10k
  • 02-03-13 Surf City Half Marathon
  • 02-17-13 Rock N Roll Pasadena Half Marathon 
  • 03-10-13 San Diego PETCO Half Marathon
  • 05-05-13 OC Half Marathon
  • 10-27-13 RnR Los Angeles
I need to decide what to run in June: Fontana Half again (crazy downhill where I got injured) or RnR San Diego.  They are the same weekend so I need to pick one.

Fontana is much cheaper and closer to home but the course is crazy and can lead to injury.

4th of July and Turkey Trot races will be added to this list same for the Holiday Half Marathon in December.

I would love to do the San Francisco half this summer, but I need to wait for this one and see if it could be doable for my family.

August...well I hope I will get to do HTC again. 

I wanted to do Disneyland this year...but it cost $175!!! So I will pass.  That is just too crazy.

I don't think I had posted this on the blog but I was mentionned in the December issue of Runners World.  It was small but is there and it is me (@carotabi is me on twitter) !!!



I have a guest post planned for this week.  The guest will be Mathew Kyle from



Boston Bound Brunette said...

Those are great goals and you have the ability to achieve all of them. It looks like we are running a lot of the same races this year. I think I am going to do the Dumbo Dare this year only because I won that money in Vegas! Good luck and yes, you need to rest when it is necessary :)

Kathy said...

All good goals! Half and 10K training are two very different animals!
I so want to run the Disneyland Half and all my family out there have been hopping on me to come do it but it never seems to work out. And the PRICE!!! You aren't kidding!

Jennifer K. said...

If you're looking for one around early December, an alternative to the Holiday Half may be the Run Like a Diva Half. Supposedly it will be on 12/8 out in Ontario. For some reason they pulled the SoCal section down from their website, so it's not for sure right now, but keep an eye on it. I did it last year in San Francisco and loved it. Very girl-oriented!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Great job in 2012, what fun would it be if we always hit all of our goals, boring really :)

Good luck this year and I saw you in Runners World. YAY how fun!

Lisa J said...

Injury aside, you still had a great 2012 it appears. The way I look at it, its hard to be good at every distance. I'm okay at the half marathon, but I suck and fall apart in 5ks and 10ks... finally wrapping my head around that but I do understand "the want" in regards to be better at other distances.

Terzah said...

Those goals are good ones--it's not really one year that counts, it's keeping at it year after year.

And I hear you on race prices--geez!!

kristen said...

Those seem like great goals - and $175 for a half is a little ridiculous...

Good luck and I hope you have a great 2013.

H Love said... were in a magazine. That is cool! Here is to reaching goals and BELIEVING!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on 2012, I like the 2013 goals

How did the interview go??

Anne said...

Wow! T'es déjà inscrite pour plusieurs quatre demi d'ici mai!! Tu es en feu. Si je me souviens bien, tu en a fait plusieurs en 2012 aussi. Je te souhaite vraiment de trouver la solution miracle pour ton estomac. Je suis certaine qu'avec ça de réglé, un demi en moins de 2h15 serait facile pour toi!! J'espère aussi que ton aine va guérir au début de 2013! OUI j'avais reconnu ton nom dans Runner's World, bravo!!

Elizabeth said...

these are great goals-and all very achievable. have you ever tried pilates? it’s my favorite core workout and makes sit-ups and regular type core work much more fun. jealous you have so many great races near you!

Giorgio said...

Great 2013 plan! I hope you'll reach your 2013 goals ... first of all being healthy!
You can really run a 10 km race under 1 hour (6 min./km). I will be looking forward to reading about this goal :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, you are IN Runner's World, that is HUGE!!!! You are famous now :)