Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quebec City post 4 - Visit to the awesome PT

First the most important part of today:My fantastic son Will turned 8 today!
He wanted to go to the Aquarium so that's what we did!
The weather has been terrible the last couple of days, lots of rain and cool. 

Here we are at the Quebec Aquarium.  In the back are the 2 bridges,  The one closer to us is The Quebec Bridge.  The bridge opened in 1919.  Constructions started in 1904 but the bridge collapsed twice before it opened.  "Construction was ultimately completed in August 1917, at a total cost of $25 million and 89 bridgeworkers' lives. On December 3, 1919, the Quebec Bridge opened for rail traffic, after almost two decades of construction. Its centre span of 549 metres (1800 ft) remains the longest cantilevered bridge span in the world and is considered a major engineering feat."

Last night we went to dinner with a group of gals I coached 14 yrs ago when they were in High School.  They were the best team I ever had.  I call them the "dream team".  We won everything that year including the Provincial Championship.  I had not seen them in 10 years and now most of them are moms!  They are now the age I was when I was their coach!  We had a blast at that dinner, I am so happy I got to see them.

First I want to appologize, I am behind on blog reading...I will catch up tomorrow!

I ran 4 miles yesterday.  It went OK.  Still feel the pain at each step.
In the afternoon I was lucky to get an appointment with the best PT for runners in Quebec.
His name is Blaise Dubois.  You can find his website The Running Clinic here.
He was great.  I got an evaluation and the diagnostic is: adductor tendinopathy.

He told me that I have to:
  • 1. Reduce my mileage.  Already done that.
  • 2. Walk 1 min every mile.  I can do that.
  • 3. No need to reduce the number of days per week that I go running.  I like that.
  • 4. No HILLS.  Fine by me.
  • 5. Need to do some exercice using resistance tube.  All good.
I am going back to see him next week and he will evaluate my gait.  So I am optimistic!
I am just happy he did not say those words : "No running"!
He is a pro minimalist so I am expecting him to talk to me about my current shoes :)


Anonymous said...

Just knowing what's the reason is a big relief but knowing you can run is fantastic! HAppy Birthday WilL!

bobbi said...

Happy birthday Will! That is a great family photo. :) And YAY that he didn't say no running!

kristen said...

What an awesome experience to be able to see your team again!
I hope the recovery routine goes well!

Gracie said...

That plan sounds reasonable. Heal up fast!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Happy Birthday Will!! I am glad that you went to see the PT and that he has given you some good advise! The good news it that you can still run. Looks like you are having a great time in Canada! Take Care!

giraffy said...

Happy Birthday, Will!

Quebec is beautiful!

Good luck with the PT :D

Canuck Mom said...

PT is wonderful. I learned a ton of great info from my PT and still do my daily resistance band exercises. Sounds like the visit to your PT went well. I miss Quebec. We visited there A LOT to see relatives. Beautiful province.

Anne said...

Trop cool! J'ai vu Blaise Dubois en conférence l'an passée et il était super intéressant et drôle. Quel personne idéale à avoir comme PT! Chanceuse :) Tu seras de retour en pleine forme bientôt!!

Teamarcia said...

Happy belated birthday Will! Gorgeous family pic. All the best with the PT. Sounds like you're on the right track.

lindsay said...

I love the team reunion! I can imagine how fun it was for everyone, and crazy that they're mom's now! Time flies.