Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mizuno Mezamashii Project!

The Mezamashii Run Project is an effort by Mizuno to help create a more euphoric running experience — a more "brilliant" run — for more runners everywhere. The word "mezamashii" means "eye-opening" or "brilliant" in Japanese — it's a word that captures the euphoric feeling of a brilliant run.

They picked 600 runners to be the founding members of this project and I am one of them.  I feel very lucky and also honored.  This was not a contest, we did not need to send any type of applications.  We were just chosen.  I love that Mizuno did not pick only elite runners or BQ kind of runners but they also picked  unknown average runners like me.  They don't care that I have yet to run a marathon..all they care about is that I run.  This will sound so cheesy but it makes me feel special and accepted in the huge and diverse running community.

I was contacted via email by Chris (Chris, if you are reading this, thank you again so very much for finding me!)  He asked for my home address and promise this was legit and would be something "good".  I only knew it was a Mizuno project and the rest was a secret.

A few weeks passed and then this showed up

Mizuno believes their shoes can help runners achieve this mezamashii feeling more often, so they sent special invitations to the founding members to receive a free pair of shoes and join their quest for the brilliant run.    

This from the beautiful invitation I received from Mizuno:

‘Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to talk about our shoes, we’re putting our money where your feet are — by giving you a free pair.’

Of course I am happy and grateful to receive a free pair of Mizuno shoes!  I think this campaign is very clever. 

I have ran 7 of my 10 half marathons in Mizunos.  First I had Nexus 4 and I changed to the Wave Inspire 7.   I liked them but I did not feel those were THE ones.  The other stability shoe they have is the Nirvana 8, they are expensive shoes and I could not bring myself to spend so much money for running shoes.  So you can guess what pair I requested for this project...the Nirvana 8!   When I called to order them I was told they were out of my size (11) and that they were changing the color (from pink to blue) so I would have to wait until the end of July to get my shoes.  Well I am waiting of course!  End of July will be perfect timing, one month before Hood to Coast!

After selecting my shoes the next step was "Invite the Worthy".  I got to pick someone who would also be receiving a free pair of Mizuno shoes and join me in the quest of the brilliant run! 

I picked a more than worthy runner.  Her running resume is impressive and she also used running to do good for others. But there is more than that.
I picked someone who has been nothing but supportive of my running progression.  She knows I want to run a marathon and she believes in me more than I believe in myself I think.  Because of her and her huge heart I was able to convince Bill to give the OK for a marathon.  Why do I need the OK from my husband for that? Because of that race here.  He said OK because she offered to run (well run for me and I guess trot for her) all 26.2 miles with me
Sacrifice time with her family.
Sacrifice a race.   

So it was easy for me to pick my "worthy".

I look forward to go running with my new Mizuno Nirvana 8 in July!
I will write a review on them later this summer!

Thank you Mizuno Running!


Black Knight said...

I am very happy for you. I cannot wait for reading the report of your marathon.
Good luck.
P.S.: I wore for long time Mizuno, it is a very good brand.

Gracie said...

Hey hey pretty sweet!!!

abbi said...

Love it! I got one in the mail too and am looking forward to trying them. I've tried Mizuno on in the store before but never fell in love but maybe if I truly try them!

Unknown said...

So cool! I love the companies that support bloggers.

I'm so looking forward to your marathon journey!

KovasP said...

I've registered but haven't chosen my shoes yet - never worn Mizunos, not sure which ones to go with!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on being pick for the project

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Congratulations on being selected! I am very happy for you!!

Raina said...

Sounds like a great project! Win-win for you AND Mizuno :)
Have fun testing them out!

Denise said...

Very cool! I ran my first half back in 2010 in Mizunos. I wast fitted for them, I just bought them because they were cheap, when I started experiencing knee pain and got fitted they told me there were wrong for me and I went with a very cushiony shoe. I wonder if I shouldn't try on a few of their stability styles.

Sometimes I wish I had a public blog (I write one on a healthy living website I'm a member of) so that I could get some of the opportunities and experiences you runner blogger chicks get!

Pam @ said...

Very cool!!!! I got the email too. Supposedly my invitation is on its way. :)

Elle said...

Very nice. And how great that your friend is going to run all the way WITH you!

I tagged you today on my blog for the Lovely Blog Award. Even if you don't care to play along, I just wanted to tell you I like reading your blog!

Kate Geisen said...

Very, very cool. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

So awesome! And a great idea from Mizuno. You are going to rock that 26.2, and having a friend with you will be amazing!

Lindsay said...

hmmmm. i got that email from chris, and sent back my address, but i have not seen any mail? :( maybe mine will come soon i guess. i am so excited!

Terzah said...

Very nice thank-you note to them! I sent my giveaway pair to Kathy--not sure what she got. :^)

Anonymous said...

What a great project!! And good luck with your marathon preparation. There is nothing like the first one. ENJOY every single step :)

Corey said...

This is awesome that you got picked for this!! Congrats! And I bet it makes you feel really part of this community...I like how you said that. Can't wait to hear about your journey to 26.2 :)