Monday, June 11, 2012


We pause this running blog for this one post...because well it is mandatory tonight to post something about this historic sport moment!

As you know I am Canadian.
Back home hockey is a religion.  I am not kidding.  We HAVE to love hockey.
And I do.
Growing up we had one TV in the house and on every Saturday night "La Soiree du Hockey" (Hockey Night in Canada)  was what was on.   The Montreal HABS was our team until we had our Quebec Nordiques join the league for several years.

Now that I live here, the home team are the Los Angeles Kings.
I went to see them a couple of times when Luc Robitaille was still playing.

I never thought of LA as a hockey town...I am pretty sure nobody did.
But tonight....tonight it sure is.

History has been made.
I love those kind of sports moments.
Big ones, with facts and first times
First Cup in 44 years.
First 8th seeded team to win the Stanley Cup.

I watched the game tonight with my kids.
Did you hear me scream??!!! :) It was a shower of goals!!!
Guess where my husband was during that a sports bar...
I called a few sounded like dead town there....I dared him to stand up on a chair and shout "Go Kings!" ..but he did not bite....booo hooo!

What a ride!

This guy was a superstar! (Jonathan Quick, Goalie)

Simon Gagne, a French Canadian like me. 
He is actually from my hometown of Sainte-Foy!

 and Luuuuuuuuuuuc!!!!! The great Luc Robitaille (another French Canadian) who is now
The Kings President.

Tomorrow I will go get the kids some Stanley Cup Champ t-shirts....they will be wearing that to arrive in Quebec next week!!! That is going to be funny!!!

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I like to watch hockey a little, we used to go to games when I was in college quite a bit. Congrats to your team!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats to the Kings!!

Now, now, yes the Kings won and congrats to them, but we all know Detriot is the official Hockeytown and Luc won his first cup while playing for the Wings.

Shawn said...

They had a great article in the paper last week about Bernie Nicols...anybody remember him? Good to see LA Win. Enjoy the bragging rights!

Caroline said...

Dear BDD

Montreal Canadiens (24*)
1915-16*; 1923-24; 1929-30; 1930-31; 1943-44; 1945-46; 1952-53; 1955-56; 1956-57; 1957-58; 1958-59; 1959-60; 1964-65; 1965-66; 1967-68; 1968-69; 1970-71; 1972-73; 1975-76; 1976-77; 1977-78; 1978-79; 1985-86; 1992-93.

Detroit Red Wings (11)
1935-36; 1936-37; 1942-43; 1949-50; 1951-52; 1953-54; 1954-55; 1996-97; 1997-98; 2001-02; 2007-08.

now now you tell me where the REAL hockeytown is!!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Not Los Angeles, thats for sure

Caroline said...

For sure yes!
just for 2 days!!! they do deserve that much after what they did. just taking Vancouver out was a great accomplishment for them.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I am not a big hockey fan :( I heard that a large majority of the team is Canadian. Congratulations to the KINGS!!

Terzah said...

Ahh, now I understand what all of those FB posts last night were about. ;^)

Kate said...

I was h appy for you as I read your fb posts last night. I'm not a huge hockey fan, though I was mildly interested until our Blues rolled over and gave their series away.

But hey, hockey away on your running blog...MY running blog has been all biking lately...I'm just glad my sweet readers haven't all left me! :)

Raina said...

Hah! LA does seem like a worm spot for Hockey champs to be :)
I like all the stats in your comment to BDD..shows where the lasting programs are.
Glad you got to see it! Have fun putting the kiddos in the champs shirts back home :)

Black Knight said...

Hockey is not popular in Italy. Here people get crazy for football (soccer) but as you know I am a rugby fan.
Congrats to the KINGS!!!!