Sunday, February 12, 2012

Running for a cause.

Yesterday thousands of runners went out and hit the pavement for Sherry Arnold.  This was a massive success of people coming together for a good cause.  There is HOPE for all us I know the good guys.

Running for a cause.
Do ever you do that?
I do.   
That is how I started running actually.
The cause was breast cancer.  My friend Shana had breast cancer.  This picture was in 2010.  She still had no hair.  She kicked the cancer's butt and sent it packing.  After 2 mastectomies, Chemo and Radiation treatments, she had reconstruction surgery and she won the warShe is now cancer free.

 I am a giant

I have ran the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in 2010 and 2011 both for Shana.  I am running it again this year.  Now I know they have been in the news lately but this is not a blog about politics and I don't want to discuss it here.  All I care about is that one day they find a cure.  That is what I care about.  That,  because of research, Shana WILL see her 2 beautiful kids grow up.
This last Wednesday I got a call nobody wants to get.
It was Jane.  She is the wife of one of my husband's best friends.  There's 4 of them. They have known each other since they were 9 years old.  They never lived more than 1 mile away from each other.  Jane is from Brazil and like me, she left everything behind and moved here.  We got married the same year, them just 3 months after us.  She is the sweetest person you could ever meet.  Almost too sweet.  She is tiny and there not a mean bone in her body.  Wednesday night,  she called to tell me that she has breast cancer.  This sweet gal has that crap inside her body:
I am so MAD. Life is a bitch sometimes...yes a bad word on my blog..sorry.  I don't have a nice one for this.  She is scared.  She has 2 girls, they are the same age as my sons.  She is about to go to war with cancer.  She is 41 year old.  This SUCKS big time.  So this year my Race for the Cure is for Jane.  I hope that next year it will only be for survivors.

If you live in Southern California and you want to join me March 24 at Dodger Stadium, you can join my team HERE.

In May I will run for another important cause: Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.
Just the cause is enough to make you want to do something. 
But also look at this face:
Come on now!
Who is this? Well many of you know her already.  That is Gabby.  She has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Her super brave mom is Heather and you can find her here and read more about Gabby's story.  Gabby is on her way to kick cancer in the butt just like Shana did.  She will win her war, I know it. 
On May 6, I am going to run a 10k for Gabby at the 2012 Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon event.  You can run a 5K, 10K or a Half Marathon.  If you live in Southern California and that day is free on your calendar come join us! Join Team Gab HERE.

Run for a cause! It can save lives!

I signed up for this

That is next Sunday.  If you read my blog, you know I just did Surf City last week.  I feel good and I want to do better.  NOW.  So I am doing this.  It will be my first RnR race.  Pasadena is close to where I live and I like that town.  It will be fun I think.  So today I went for 10 miles and it went great.  I ran with my Brooks all week, including today, and I think I am taking them for their first race next week!
I am in my 40s and Whitney Houston's music was a big part of my youth.  Such a tragedy that she is gone at 48 years old.  Such a shame that the pretty girl in the white outfit with the big voice who sang that perfect national anthem in 1991 has been gone for a long long time.
Let's hope she is in peace now and that she is singing with the angels.

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Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great post! It is truly inspiring and one that makes me want to do more races that have meaning.

Terzah said...

You are such a good person and your friends will benefit from that good karma! I wish I were in CA to help out in those events.

Michael said...

Well that previous comment was from Michael - apparently Jim was on my computer. Although I'm sure he would say the same thing :)

Kerrie T. said...

So not fair. Why do horrible things have to happen to the nicest, most innocent people? I'll never understand it.

Gotta go read your recap of Surf City.

Christine said...

Cancer sucks big time! You are such a great friend!! I hope there will be a cure soon!

Laura said...

So awesome to read Caroline! You are truly inspirational.

Carrie FamilyFitnessFood said...

Cancer sucks! I know too many people that are my age with young children that are undergoing treatment. It sucks.

While I'm not a big fan of the Komen organization lately, I do love when people get together in the spirit of doing what is right.

If my body heals up correctly, I would love to run with you at Dodger Stadium. I ran it last year and loved the event.

Nelly said...

Great post. I've never done a race in honor of someone before, I probably should do one sometime.

One race that I hope to do sometime is the Jog for Jill - a 5K race in Berkeley on 3/11/12. Hopefully I will be able to do the race this year, but with my injury not sure I'll be able to. She was a coxswain on the crew team, and died of lung cancer. Her story is amazing, the best story I've ever read in Sports Illustrated:

I would also like to do a memorial race for Terry Fox sometime, his story is amazing. What an inspiration.

Whitney Houston dying was too bad, just seemed like drugs took her too early. Her national anthem performance at the 1991 Super Bowl was and still is my favorite natl anthem ever. I don't think that will ever be topped.

Nice job by The Boss yesterday at the Grammys! Good show!

giraffy said...

Cancer is such an asshole.

I have the race for the cure penciled in (on the right date!). If I don't go out of town, I'm in!!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I'm a rocker at heart, but even I love Whitney H. I don't think I've ever heard a better version of the national anthem than hers.

On another note, I noticed the logo to the running blog database. Thanks for taking the time to incude that with your blog.

Taryn said...

This is so wonderful. It is great when you can run for the people you care about...when you do that, it makes the race that much easier to finish strong! I can't wait for Race for the Cure this year!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I know the feeling because my dad has been battling cancer for the past two years. He is such a fighter and I am hoping the best for him. I would like to join you in one of your runs if I am able and well. I can run for my Dad. I am so hesitant to sign up for anything right now. I wish I would have known that you were interested in running Pasadena. I am registered and will not be able to run it this Sunday due to my injury. I would have given it to you.

Black Knight said...

I always run the Race for the Cure in may in Rome. Even if I had to walk I will enter the race this year too.
....and I am also a cancer survivor.
Great post.