Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving week, more sadness at races and Be in the Game

I did not grow up with the whole Thanksgiving tradition.  In Quebec, Thanksgiving is in October and it is not celebrated like it is here in the USA.  We have a day off of school and that is pretty much it.  No big meal, no crazy shopping in the middle of the night and no football.  The big turkey meal in on Christmas Day minus the pumpkin pie.

I tried the crazy shopping once and that was my last timeI hated it.  I would much prefer going for 20 miles instead of that.  I do the shopping ONLINE.  Much better.

One Thanksgiving tradition I do like is the Turkey Trot!
This year I will run my first one!  It's a 5k and my kids are running the 1k.  I am looking forward to it! 

I only have 3 more weeks before my 5th Half Marathon.  This one comes with nice scenery and lots of hills.  I am doing it as a long run, well a good long run but not for a PR.  I don't want a personal worst and no repeat of Long Beach.  Surf City is the one I want to go for PR!

Last week I did this:
Mon: 3 miles recovery
Tue: 5 miles tempo
Wed: 3 miles easy
Thu: 5 miles 10k pace
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10.5 miles

Saturday was not supposed to be a rest day.  I had a friend from Quebec who came to visit us on Friday and left Saturday am.  I have known her since Kindergarten!  We stayed up late talking about everything, the next day we had to get up early for last soccer games and she had an early flight to catch.  After 2 soccer games we had double pizza party..I am the team mom for both teams so I had to be there!! By the time all that was over I was pretty tired.

Sunday I went for 10 miles.  It was cool and wet for the first 3 miles, I was hoping it would not start pouring.  No! Instead we got a rainbow and it stopped raining!! Thank you Mother Nature.  It went fine for my LR, I was able to pick up the pace for the last 3 miles.  I only have 2 more LR before the Holiday Half and I will do 11 and 10 I think.  I only have 1 double digit done so far so I will not do less than 10 for the last one.

Running in cooler temps is so GREAT.  I am so happy.  Here the people say it is COLD but really they don't know what cold is! It is COOL, not below 45 so far.

Yesterday was the Philly Marathon and once again it was a race that brought terrible sadness.   "Two runners died yesterday during the Philadelphia Marathon, even though conditions were described as perfect by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Both runners collapsed near the finish line, and apparently died from heart attacks."  One was only 21 and he had ran the half marathon and the other was 40 and ran the full.  After what happened to me in Long Beach this is making me even more nervous.

I was looking at all the articles that were posted after the news of the two deaths was announced and I found an interesting article from the Running Doc, you can read it here.  These are his 3 advises on race day

1. Take a baby aspirin (81mg) the morning of the event.
2. Limit caffeine that morning to less than 200 mg.
3. Take the last mile like the previous without a fast sprint.

Before I was released from the hospital the cardiologist did tell me to do 1 and 2.
I was contacted by a great all-things-outdoors blog called Be in the Game, which features anything from camping and fishing gear to sports equipment gear.

My blog has been chosen to be featured  in their Best of the Web weekly series recognizing the most interesting websites on the web!  You can see it here scroll down a bit and you will see my picture.

These are pictures from the last games of the soccer season.

Those are all pictures that I made with the MyMemories software.  If you like them and you would like to win a FREE  software go here and enter my giveaway! Just today they announced that the new version is now available and my lucky winner will win the newest version!


Kate said...

You won't catch me at any Black Friday sales. I think it would make me too stressed and antagonistic. I'll spend a little more money and hopefully keep my Christmas spirit, thank you very much!

I saw the story about the two runners. Very sad. And definitely scary. I guess my thinking is, if it's my time, it's my time, but that's maybe not the right way to look at it. That caffiene recommendation...oh, man, I drink so much more than that on race mornings!

Congratulations on your blog getting picked! How very cool! And your pages look FANTASTIC. :)

Emz said...

First. Adore. You.
Freaking. Adore you.

Second- love rainbows. I called and asked the Man to give you one. Bam. Just for you.

Third-love the photos of the fam.

44th [what]?!
Love the info. Is kinda freaky [deaths during marathons]

144th get that PR in surf city. You e. freaking. Got. This.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I really dislike Black Friday shopping as well. My family goes without me, the kids and husband have already started planning their morning.

You've done a super job with your kids' pictures. What great memories.

The Unexpected Runner said...

I LOVE being able to celebrate 2 thanksgivings!!!! Mmmmmm......turkey ;). (not familiar with Quebec tradition, but in Ontario & BC, we DO have a big turkey dinner)

Funny story, my first Thanksgiving in the US, I had no idea what Black Friday was...never heard of it & stopped into Walmart with my Mum to pick something up. We both just stood there with our mouths hanging open as we witnessed the spectacle of carts lined up from one end of the store to another .... I'm sure they thought WE were weird! We turned around and left and I've never been dumb enough to enter a store on that day ever again! I'm with you, online shopping when I can!

Good luck with your next race!

Caroline said...

Big turkey dinner is on Christmas Day

Jen said...

Congrats on being chosen for the blog thing - that's awesome!

I'm considering going out to Cali for that race. My friend Ang runs it every year - and I hear it's a great race!

Shawn said...

The Boss may head over for Black Friday....I would rather be staked to an ant hill dipped in honey and left naked

Sad to hear about athletes dying at Marathons...all I can say is stay within your comfort zone and slow down if you feel the a runner, if you can, get your may be the best thing you ever do in your life!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I will never ever go out on black friday again

runnergirl training said...

Great post! I learned of this sad news today too. :( Thank you for sharing.

Elle said...

Looks like you are having fun with your My Memories software. I just used mine for my latest post too. Your pages are lovely!

That story about the Philly Marathon runners who died freaked me out... and I am glad you posted those 3 points! I am a coffee hound. Will know now to limit it the mornings I run longer. Thanks so much for that.

Glad you had a friend from home come visit... so nice.

Annet and Kirk said...

Hm, I too grew up in Ontario with turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and Christmas - at least they are further spread apart than in the US!

Someone died at the Toronto marathon too I think I read a few weeks ago - yet a 98 yr old ran it just fine, so who knows...

Colleen said...

It really is sad that the two people died on Sunday. My hubby and I talked about it being the excitement of the finish line maybe? It happened in Chicago too. :(

Hope you enjoy your "American" Thanksgiving. Turkey Trot races are the best!!! :)

Darlene said...

The 40 year old that died lives in my area - it is so sad! GL on your 5th Half. We have done the same number this year.

Black Knight said...

It is terrible to know about the 2 runners died. The marathon is an effort too big and we must take care before, during and after the race. It's hard to listen to our body when we are near the arrival but we have to do it and in case we must take a break or walk.
Great pictures of the young champs.

Fruit Fly said...

I've been so out of the loop for the last month almost, I didn't hear that about Philadelphia. That is so sad and really scary!

I'm glad you shared the 3 things you learned in that article. Considering my next race is on Sunday and in Vegas at night, the chances of me wanting caffeine before are VERY high. Now I'll be sure to find something else, and I promise that something else won't be rum. I'll save that for the finish line!