Monday, February 10, 2014

Do you Scorebig?

So I don't have much to report on the running front.
I have been sick.
Some kind of flu I guess...I don't know.  I felt like all the energy was sucked out of me.
I am better this week.
I ran 6 miles on Saturday.  Was slow but at least it was something.
Ran 4 this morning and it will a little better.
My knee is a little sore...
It may be because I have not ran much for about 10 days and it got stiff...or it may be because I have been very bad at doing my PT exercises.  By bad I mean BAD. As in...not doing anything.

So last post I mentioned Jonathan's birthday.
He turned 8 in Super Bowl day.
I have decided that I am don't doing big birthday parties.  We have tried everything in our town and it is time to downsize the production for these days.
So this year we decided to take the kids to a hockey game.
Usually we go see the Kings in LA but there was no game that weekend so we cheated on our team and went to see the Ducks in Anaheim.... They are number 1 in the league so that was pretty cool to see them.

We have been able to take the kids to see a few games this season because Bill found this fantastic website called SCOREBIG.  They have tickets to sports, concerts and other events.  We have used it 6 times so far and I have only good things to say.  They have no fees or shipping charges.  It works like Priceline.  You make an offer and if they accept it you get your tickets and if they don't well you can try again in 24 hrs.  We never know exactly where the seats will be, we know the section before making an offer.  Each time we got great seats.  Last game we were 12 rows behind the goal!  

 It was awesome!  There is no way we could pay the full price for tickets like that but with scorebig we got really good tickets for a lot less.
Try it!  I highly recommend it!
Next game for us is Feb 28!

Today I got a new picture of my little Ruby.
12 more days and she will be home!

During the days I was feeling crappy I made a photo memory book of my Maggie.
It was hard and emotional for me but I am so happy I will have this to remember her.
I cannot wait for the book to arrive.

Here's to hoping for a decent running week!
Time to go work on PT...and watch my homeland kick some behinds in Sochi!
Oh Canada!!!!
Cannot wait for good hockey games!


Anonymous said...

Ruby is sooo cute!!!

macnic said...

Ruby is adorable (and I'm not even a dog person!). Happy Birthday to Jonathan and go Canada!

MILF Runner said...

Your new puppy is adorable :)

Nelly said...

Never heard of Score Big before, I might have to check it out! Great on seeing a Kings game, hockey games are great in person.

As for the Olympics, I feel like I am more intrigued with the Canadian Olympics more than the US people so far - Mark McMorris in slopestyle is hilarious, Alex Bilodeau in moguls with his brother that has cerebral palsy, the Canadian moguls sisters Dufour-LaPointe, and Dara Howell in slopestyle.

Black Knight said...

Good luck in Sochi!
Ruby is too beautiful.
Have a good running week.