Sunday, February 23, 2014

A good reason to skip a long run

Well being sick is usually the only reason I would skip a long run on a Sunday am.
This week I am skipping it because of 2 really good reasons.

Presenting Ruby and Duke Eakle

They arrivent yesterday.
I ran a quick one in the morning before going to get them and I have been on potty training mode ever since.

They are doing pretty good.  3 accidents total in 24 hrs plus...that is. to bad. Zero #2 accident. That is A+ in my book.  They slept 7 hours last night. No crying.
We are using a crate,  we have 2 but they slept in the same one last night.  Not sure if it is good to do that.  Open to ANY advices you have if you have 2 dogs.

They are super soft and cute.  Ruby is more playful.  Duke has a better appetite.  She is ok with leash and he hates it.

They sleep like this

Yes it is a lot of is crazy because I am home alone with them and with my boys who are not always helping the "working" part...potty training...letting them rest when they are is just like having newborns!!!  But we could not be happier to have them home.

Wonder how the running will go this week.  I think on the treadmill while they sleep will be the way to go.  I don't want to leave them alone for too long this week.  They will have their first home alone big test on Friday night when we go to a hockey game......

So if you have any advices for me...please comment!!! day of the Olympic Games!!!!!!

Oh Canada!!!!! I mean come on!!! How great was this game!!!


Boston Bound Brunette said...

They are just too cute! Potty training is hard but they don't like to poop or pee where they sleep. The crate is a good thing and I think letting them sleep together is a good thing since they probably miss their mommy and find comfort with each other.

Anonymous said...

awww soo cute, I think it's best to have them sleep together, especially in the beginning. They are already dealing with many changes.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

If the USA can't win the gold in hockey, I'll admit I'm so glad it was Canada. Hockey just means so much more to your country, and I'm glad your boys could bring home another one!

Now, about those puppies ... you seriously send Michael into goo-goo-ville every time you post a pic of those little rascals! But I AM NOT GIVING IN!!!! No new puppies in this house ... no matter how hard you try!

Gracie said...

Those are some cute little babies! So snuggly! I'm not even a big dog person - but how can you resist a puppy? No one can!

Annet said...

Wow, puppies that cute make me want a puppy!!

And yay Canada! Double gold in hockey and in curling. Whoot whoot!

Teamarcia said...

R&D are SO precious! I'm so glad you got them both. Our Bichons are litter mates and they've always shared a crate. It's gotten to the point that they haven't been apart for almost 14 years. Once they were separated into different cages at the groomer and they just scream, so I'd say it's perfectly fine to put them together. Your pups are looking huge already! How old are they?
If the US couldn't win, I'm really happy Canada did! Awesome!

Lisa said...

OMG, they are so stinkin cute!!! Sounds like you're on the right track w/ the crate. We didn't need our crate (for only 1 though) after awhile, but Bella still uses it to sleep and "retire" to when she needs some quiet time :) Good luck and enjoy!!!!

Terzah said...

It's so funny, but their names are the names of two dogs my family has had in the past! Duke is my sister's Weim and Ruby was my grandma's Basset hound. I love seeing the pictures--I wish I could pet their soft little selves.

Have fun. I don't doubt it's a lot of work, but it will be so worth it to have these two new family members. And when my day arrives, you can give me advice. :^)

One Crazy Penguin said...

I have two dogs and I would never imagine separating them. Crating them together is absolutely fine. They like the company. The biggest help that we found with potty training was timing food and water correctly. Once we had a water and food schedule down, it was easy as could be!

Kate Geisen said...

Those babies are adorable, but I don't envy you the baby work. Just like with human babies, I'm at that point where I like admiring them and then handing them back. :)

Michael said...

They are quite possibly the two cutest babies I have ever seen. I love them so much.

Hope things settle down for you. I know you will have your hands full caring for two new puppies!

Nelly said...

Canada dealt the US brutal losses in both of the mens and womens hockey games - though it is your national sport, so you guys simply care more than us about it lol. Hopefully the NHL players come back for the 2018 Olympics. And yea those are some cute puppies lol.

I haven't even been following college basketball at all, but I'm surprised that Wichita State isn't #1 since they are 31-0, wouldn't be surprised if they win it all this year, they came oh so close last year after Louisville came back late against them.

Eva Siegel said...

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