Friday, December 13, 2013

Last race of 2013

Sunday is my last race for 2013.
The Holiday Half marathon on Sunday.

This year has been one of ups (Ragnar) and downs... (Injury) and overall not my best one as far as running goes....low mileage, set backs, not many good races...

Last Sunday I ran 10 miles on the treadmill and it was not pretty.  It was hard and I ended up in the knee....yep....not awesome....

It hurt for the rest of the day...just walking ...
And Monday also...
And Tuesday...
And I got really frustrated.
Race week is not a good time to be feeling pain....
Race week of a really really hilly course

Wednesday I decided to try a short run. was short alright...3 miles.
It was not great. 
And so I have rested the rest of the week.  The whole week.

So it is safe to say that I am not ready to race any distance ...but I am still going to do it.  It's my third year doing that race and I will get a special extra medal for that.

The kids are running the kids race tomorrow, it is always super fun and they get really nice medals. It is super well organized, just one mile and it is FREE!

The boys have one more week to go before the Christmas break and I can tell that my oldest son is ready for a break from all the work he has this year, he is tired and done.  I sure hope his teacher is not sending the kids on Christmas vacation with homework or projects to do.  
We need a real break:) My parents will be here in less than week and once they are here it will feel like the Holiday Season!
The kids are really really excited! My mom will even get to come to their school for their Christmas party!

The kids had concert at our school and it was fantastic.  They had a music teacher for the first half of the year and they learned songs in different languages.  I was very impressed with how much they learned in such a short time.  I was even more impressed that one song was in French!

Oh and look I managed to start decorating!
I love anything that says NOEL!

Are you done racing for the year?


Boston Bound Brunette said...

Good luck on Sunday and just take it easy! Yes, I am done for the year with races. I will still be training for my upcoming marathon so I am looking forward to that!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the race, I really hop your knee holds up!!! Sending you tons of fast healing thought!!

Kate Geisen said...

Good luck at your race!! I've had a couple where I went the last week or do without running bc I was afraid of how it would go. Hopefully yours goes well and PAIN FREE.

I've got a race tomorrow (which should be interesting bc it's a trail race and we're right now getting snow...) and then one on the 28th...another trail race. Then I'm finished until Jan 11, when my new race season starts over again. :)

Enjoy the time with your parents!!

giraffy said...

Oh man, so bummed to hear about the knee pain! Hope a few days of rest clears it up.

I'll be at holiday half too, hopefully pr'ing - see you there!

Elizabeth said...

Hope you have a great race today! i'm all done with the racing calendar...but nothing seems to be a race for a while..i should just call it my running calendar :)