Sunday, September 1, 2013

A new milestone in the recovery road and a confession

Recovery is hard.
Coming back from injury requires patience.
A lot of it.
And humility.
And perseverance.

I have had many days of total frustration where I wonder if I should just quit this running thing.
But I don't.
I want to be where I was in April.
I am struggling with how much I suck right now.
But I will not quit.

If you are on the injury list or are coming back from one know this:

I remember how miserable I was all summer with no running.
So sucky running is better than no running.

I am a little worried about my next race.  
I am not sure I have enough time to be race ready.
Obviously I am not going after any magical time.
I would like to have the running portion of it to be bigger than then the walking one.

This was my week:

I reached a new milestone in my recovery: a 20 miles week.
I had 2 back to back runs.
The first one was not good.  I had pain so I stopped at 3.
Second one I went really easy and it was better.  

I still have to add walking in my runs.  This means I am a lot slower.
I have to accept this.

It has been extremely hot here and HUMDID.  In Southern California that is rare.
I still do all my runs on my treadmill.
Yesterday I did 6 miles and it was warm in the house...I ended up completely dehydrated and feeling like crap all day.  Go figure.

So although I am a little discouraged by how much I suck I am not giving up.

Confession part of this post:
I have been hmmmm not great at PT this week.  I know I know.
I am good at stretching and foam rolling but I have neglected the other stuff....the exercises.
Not too happy with myself for that.

I want to congratulate COY (first in Philly is her blog): she is a brand spanking new IRONMAN! 
You have all my admiration Coy!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I want to be where I was in April too!! injuries suck!!

Glad you are making a comeback and congrats on a 20 mile week. Sucky running is better than no running!

I guess now we are in the sisterhood of making a comeback

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I was really happy when I saw 20 miles! That is great progress but don't be so worried about your speed. You will get that back so give yourself a little break. I am so happy for you. You may have to incorporate a run/walk strategy for your race which lots of people do without an injury. Stay focused and things will continue to get better.

Elle said...

I wish you continued progress on your road to recovery. Yes, patience is hard!

macnic said...

Keep at the PT so you don't swing back! Nice 20miles this week!

Redhead Running said...

I keep saying "Running is HARD"

But, we'll get back to it girl, just gotta keeping getting out there and being smart with the return.

The Unexpected Runner said...

20 is awesome!!! Keep it up! I know you'll get through this and start loving it again :)

Black Knight said...

20 mile week is awesome, I run much less.
You MUST follow an exercises plan to recover completely. I am doing the same, it is boring, but I have to.