Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pool running and MRI

Pool Running....
Have you tried it?

I bought a belt.
I decided to be brave and I got in my pool. Now I know I live in Southern California but the water is not warm yet. We have days where it is over 90 and then we are back to 69. So the water does not go over 70. Heating the pool is not cheap so I refuse to do it.

Ok so pool running is not easy. First I felt like a fool and it gets boring really fast.
I am lucky we have speakers outside so at least I had music.
I went in the deep end only and did a 60 min workout the first day.
My legs felt like Jello at the end.

I cannot say I love it but I am convinced it is a good workout.
I think I will continue doing it this summer as cross training.  I did another session in the pool 45 minutes with 5 miles walking on my TM to replace a long run day.

Then I got a cold. The water is cold and I stayed cold for a long time after getting out.
Now the temp is down to low 60s so I cannot go in the pool.

I stayed on the TM fast walking...and I did my PT exercises foam rolling and stretching every day.

Yesterday I had my MRI for my knee.
They gave me a disc for my doctor who I will see on May 2nd.
I asked for the actual report and they said I could have it in 2-3 days.

Of course when I came home I put the CD in my computer and looked at the images.
I asked Dr Google for some MRI images to compare mine.
It turns out that I did not become a radiologist by doing it does require some years of college for that.

After putting a post on Facebook I got a message from a friend who's husband IS a radiologist and she said she would come get my CD and that he would look at it at home and txt me.
A few hours later I got a txt.... Nothing is wrong with the knee. No tear.
Oh happy news!

I also have a friend in Quebec who is a radiologist and she looked at the pictures of my MRI and she said the same thing.

2/2 !
I will get the reports tomorrow or Friday from the radiologist here and it should say the same. Knowing this I am curious to see what the Dr will y next week.

I definitely looks like I would not need surgery.
I am happy that I don't have to worry about making a tear worst.

I am planning on covering the 13.1 miles of the OC Half Marathon. I don't care how long it will take. I will run/walk it. The run part will be slow.

Today I did 3 miles of fast walking and I did 4 x 0.25 miles slow running just to see if I had pain. It felt a little stiff at first but it was not bad.

So that is where I am at for now. Still frustrated but hopeful....


Jim ... 50after40 said...

That pool & surroundings looks awesome ... do you live at Sandals? I know the pool running will help you. Good job on keeping active during this thing, it shows great dedication on your part!

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC news!!! Let's hope for a speedy recovery!!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I am glad that the worst case scenario is a NO. I hope you get some good news and soon since the waiting game is horrible! If you need some company at OC I can walk/jog with you or just walk. Let me know!

Black Knight said...

Wonderful news, I am very happy!
I used the pool to learn to walk again after the femur fracture but ... I prefer to swim.
Now take it easy, don't be in hurry, but you already know this.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for the outdoor pool pic, I scraped frost off my car this morning!! ;-P

I am happy to here that no surgery is required, that is awesome.

Enjoy your half marathon!

Coy Martinez said...

Ok, no we're all jealous that you have a pool ;) I am. If I were close I would let you borrow my wet suit so you could still pool run while the water was cold!

So far sounds like good news on your knees right?? Sounds to me that way! Do you know how to swim freestyle? You should head to a pool and swim for exercise. My body doesn't have many more years of running but swimming will always be doable. I had to learn from scratch about 3 years ago!

Elizabeth said...

i wish i had a pool and had this option! i will have to go to a friends condo or pay to use one. so happy the MRI was clear!

Lisa J said...

excellent news about MRI being clear. How lucky you have 2 radiologist friends.
Pool running can do wonders for cross training, you are very fortunate to have that as an option

Raina said...

So HAPPY to hear that it was not torn- and will be even better for you when you can talk to him at the appointment.

Hope your knee is feeling lots better!

Pool running is great. We have a backyard pool 4' and not as pretty as yours. We plan to put a heater on it this year or it might never go over 75F. I will pull up the car and turn on the stereo for tunes! Pool jogging, redneck style :)

Zaneta said...

LOVE your pool!! It looks like a gorgeous day there!! :)
I'm glad the two radiologists said nothing was wrong!! Hopefully the doc says the same thing and you definitely don't need surgery!!

Nelly said...

I'm glad that your preliminary reports from your doctor friends think that it's not torn. Though I wouldn't get too excited until the real diagnosis from your doctor comes down. Maybe it is just a strained meniscus that will get better with PT. I said this last post, but I still don't think you should do that race, you don't want to push back your recovery.

Novak Jim said...

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