Thursday, May 24, 2012

12 years

12 years ago today I left my hometown, Quebec city and I moved to California to start a new chapter of my life.  It was hard to leave my country and my family and friends.  I am still homesick after 12 years.   BUT I would not have my family if I had not taken this huge leap of faith.  Even though it is still hard for me to be living here I have never regretted my decision. 
Have you heard of this?

The fabulous gals over at Another Mother Runner are starting this new challenge for the month of June.  You can find all the info HERE.  I am in of course!!  How can I not be..some of you may recognize the picture on the right.  It is me at my very first half marathon.  Remember this?

Me and Rick aka Magnum PI finishing the Carlsbad half marathon.  Talk about ruining my first big photo finish.. right?!

Today was the last day of school for my boys.  I now have a 1st and 3rd grader!  Will had to say goodbye to his beloved teacher after having her for 2 years and that was sad...5 kids had her for 1st and 2nd grade and they were all in tears.   We found out today that Jonathan was choosen to be in a 1-2 combo next year and he gets to have that same teacher.  I could not be happier about this.   I appreciate great teachers like her.  The boys brought home excellent report cards and we now have more LEGO pieces in our house!!!

Will's last day! 
(4th from right back row in blue shirt)

Jonathan's Last Day!


Jill said...

Congratulations to your boys moving up a grade :). So fun!!! It is hard to lose great teachers, but there's lots more where that one came from and I'm sure they'll have more great one through the upcoming years. Mine did (and I bawled when they "graduated" from elementary school, I loved their teachers!).

Happy anniversary of moving to the good ole U.S.A! I'm sure it was tough, and still is, but at least you picked a gorgeous place to move to! :)

Annet said...

I totally get the complexities of this anniversary! This is my 11th year in Australia and so I completely understand how much you can not regret it but still miss is like crazy. I'm now worried about what it will be like to go home, since there will be a lot that's changed.

And I saw right away that it was you in the challenge card. How fun!

Kate said...

Love the pictures of your boys. I bet that teacher is THRILLED to have another of your sons because it means she gets YOU for the next two years! :)

Wow, that guy's shorts are short!!

Elle said...

Congratulations, and to your boys for passing and going on to the next grade, too.

Coy Martinez said...

Oh my gosh!! How stinking cute are those pictures!!?

When I was looking at that picture of your first half marathon I kept checking out Magnum "heart rate monitor" PI behind you! HAHAHA! I love it when I have a race pic with someone totally obscure in the background!!

XLMIC said...

Yay for getting good teachers!

Contemplating that challenge...I might need something like that :P

Terzah said...

I'm not sure what's more fun--the last day of school or the first day! Thank you for telling me about the challenge--I'm going to check it out now!

Redhead Running said...

You have such a beautiful family! Isn't it amazing how quickly time passes?

Julie Arts said...

How cute that they wore caps!

I'm stunned that I'll have a 3rd and 5th grader next year. I'm pretty sad that my babies are not babies any more :-(

Anonymous said...

Cute pics, love the last one! :)

Great challenge! I also started a challenge. My goal is to run from Memorial Day until Independence day at least 1 mile per day.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Your boys get out early! My son does not get out until the middle of June. He is looking forward to the summer break. I guess I better start planning some fun summer stuff. Congratulations to both of your boys!

Black Knight said...

I think it is better for "Magnum P.I." to run with a shirt.
You have a beautiful family. Congrats to your boys.