Thursday, January 16, 2014

RIP my sweet, beautiful Maggie

Today was the hardest day.
I lost a piece of my heart.
My beloved Golden Retriever Maggie left us.
She was my first dog.
I waited more than 30 yrs for her.
She was with us for 12 wonderful years.
She was the sweetest most loving dog and so smart.
I loved her so so much.

She had stopped eating for a few days and today she was getting worst...very lethargic and not herself.  I got very worried, called Bill and said it was time to go to the vet.
He came home and around 4 pm we all went to the vet.  I wanted to be there and so all 4 of us went.
I was very worried.  I had explained to the boys that it was possible that Maggie was very sick and that we needed to be prepared for bad news.

We had time at home to give her hugs and kisses. We were all so heartbroken.
We drove to the vet.
He was so nice.
He took blood test and we waited for was not good.
He told us that he needed to take an X-ray to see if her spleen was enlarged and that if it was then there would be nothing we could do.
The spleen was extremely large pushing the stomach out of where it should be.  She had a large tumor. It was horrible to see the images.  She was bleeding internally and was in a lot of pain.
We has to make the hard decsion to follow the doctor's advice and put her to sleep.
I stayed with her until the end.
I could not leave her,
I feel so lost and empty now.
I have been a stay at home mom for 9.5 yrs now and she has been my buddy all this time.
I was never alone.
Now I will be.

And so we came home 3 hours later.
Without our beloved Maggie.
All four of us completely heartbroken.

Rest in peace my sweet Maggie.
You were so loved.
Aurevoir mon beau gros chien-chien, je t'aimais tellement


Johann said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is heartbreaking when a pet leaves us. Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

I lost my childhood dog when I was 21 and it was the hardest decision in my life. they will always be in our heart and never forgotten, just remember she is in a happy and painless place right now. sending you hugs!!

Michael said...

This breaks my heart so much for you and your family. Dogs are truly family members and losing one is just like losing a family member. People without dogs don't get that most of the time. It is so hard. But try to remember all the wonderful memories. Dogs are only here with us a short time, but they bring us more happiness and joy than we deserve. Rest in peace sweet Maggie.

You may have seen this before. But I love this sweet explanation from a 6 year old for why dogs don't stay in our lives for many years.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I am so sorry Caroline!! Such a heartbreaking day... Our pets truly do become like family and it's hard to let them go!! I'm sending many hugs your way this weekend!!

Teamarcia said...

My heart breaks for all of you. May sweet Maggie live on in your heart forever. Hugs.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family

One Crazy Penguin said...

This has me near bawling. I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes like just isn't fair and a short lifespan of a pup is one of those things. Thinking of you guys at this time.

Kate Geisen said...

Ok, you have me in tears. So I'll just imagine I'm giving you a hug while I cry. Thinking of you guys.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

So sorry Caroline. I hope your pain passes quickly, but the memory of your time with sweet Maggie lasts forever.

Lisa said...

My heart breaks for you :( Maggie gave you so much and now she needed you to do the right thing - for her. Worst pain ever. I'm so sorry.

Mike said...

So sorry for your loss. If you haven't seen it before, look up the book "Dog Heaven" on Amazon or your library. It helps a little.

Gracie said...

I'm so sorry and sad for you.

Coy Martinez said...

I'm sorry Caroline. Nothing we can say or do will make it better but at least you have some great memories and gave a very lucky dog a wonderful life. That's so important. She looks like she was so well cared for and loved by you guys.

Elizabeth said...

this brought tears to my eyes. I can remember doing the same thing with my childhood dog. I know only time can heal the heart, so just know I am thinking about yall.

Kelsey @ Go Girl said...

I'm so sorry, Caroline. I've never had a dog but I know this must be so heartbreaking for you and your family. Thinking about you and hugs.