Sunday, August 11, 2013

6 - hip problems - back to school (and One Tree Hill)

Yesterday I ran 6 miles.
It was not fast and it was not all running but it was 6 miles.
I felt no pain in my knee.
I still feel very sore in the right hip.
Not while I ran but after. 

That is annoying me a lot.
I should not have to deal with other kind of pain!

I am having a hard time finding good ways to stretch my hip. Stretching the hip not the quads.
I use a strap and lay on my side. Bring the strap over my head and hold.  (Other end is at my ankle).
That is what works the best so far and rolling it with a trigger point roller.

I remember being really sore in the hip after the  OC half marathon.  I thought this was all because of the power walking.   Running that does not hurt but walking does.

I hope this is just the body getting used to running again.

After that 6 miler I am feeling optimistic.
I struggle with pace.  My fitness is at maybe 60% of what it used to be. 

We survived week 1 of back to school!
4th grade is no joke, first spelling test was Friday and tomorrow is first social study test! 

First day of school pictures

Do you have Instagram?
If yes do you find that you blog less because of it?
I do.
I sometimes feel like I repeat myself here.  I still want to keep my blog of course.  I want it to be for my boys so they can get to know me better...know Caroline not just mom.

I am going back home on Friday, alone for the first time ever since I left 13 yrs ago.
I am going for a super short visit to celebrate my day's 80th birthday on Saturday.
I am taking the red eye on Friday and I am coming back home Tuesday night. Crazy I know.
I will spend 2.5 days there it will be worth it.  80 yrs old that is important.  I am sad that the boys and Bill are not coming but it was not possible this time.
This is going to be a crazy week: 2 nights of meeting the teachers at the school, 3 days of working including the day I will travel and leaving for Quebec. Oh and homework and 4 soccer practices!

After if finishing Scandal I needed a new Netflix addiction for my treadmill runs and I started watching One Tree Hill.  I don't know why I never watched that show before.  9 seasons and I had never seen one single episode!  I watched all the other shows in that very intellectual genre: Dawson's Creek, The OC, Gossip Girls and of course my all time favorite Felicity.  So now it is the Scott Brothers saga.  Did you watched that one when it was on?  Team Lucas or Team Nathan?


Darlene said...

Yup. Watched all the one tree hill episodes! Started out team Lucas but ended up team Nathan.

Annet said...

Have you seen Brothers and Sisters? I really enjoyed that show and it's finished now too, could be another one to follow up One Tree Hill. I've never seen that, though I've heard about it too. Maybe one day.

J. L. said...

Have you ever had your SI joint checked? If you've got hip pain, and recovering from knee pain, the SI joint could be the culprit. Just something to think about it, and it is very manageable and "easy to deal with" once you figure out what it is. Good luck with the quick family trip!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Glad your knee is doing better, hope the hip thing works itself out soon too. Coming back from an injury is so frustrating isn't it! Doesn't seem to take very long to fall out of the shape you were in.
I love Instagram, so quick and easy, I think I blog less since I got it too.
Great back to school pics!

Jennifer K. said...

I rarely use Instagram, but I do find that I use Facebook much less now that I have a blog. Glad you're mobile again!

Nelly said...

Glad that you were able to do 6 miles! Hope the hip pain goes away, all I can think of is that maybe some sort of over compensating is happening with your running? Or maybe it is just sore from the increase in mileage?

As for Instagram - I only use facebook for everything, and then just this blog for mainly running related things. I don't think I could handle another thing - and I don't use twitter either.

Tasha @Healthy Diva said...

6 miles is awesome!!! So happy that your knee isn't bothering you. I wonder if you are overcompensating because you THINK your knee might hurt and that is what is causing the hip soreness? I am guilty of that. Hopefully it is nothing.

Enjoy your quick trip home. 80 years is definitely something worth celebrating.

Carrie Skoll said...

Happy Back to school! We've still got another month - I have to remind myself often that my kids didn't finish school until the end of June, but it still feels weird to see kids starting already.

Good luck with the hip pain. Will ice help?

Yes I use Instagram - and do probably blog less because of it.

Tri-Jess said...

I started out Team Lucas and ended up Team Nathan!

Michael said...

I absolutely loved One Tree Hill! I kind of lost track of it the last few seasons, but it was a great show. Sophia Bush is one of my favs.

You are a busy woman! Yikes, that's a lot going on.

I had to laugh at your post about the "speeding" test - lol...I think you meant spelling :) but I can tell you have your speed on your mind!

Black Knight said...

Glad you ran for 6 miles, at the moment that distance is an impossible dream for me.
Good luck for your hip pain: get well soon!

Anne said...

Ouf...c'est pas long 2.5 jours à Québec de la Californie!! J'espère que la fête de ton papa c'est bien passée, il devait être content de te voir :)
Merde pour la douleur à la hanche, j'espère vraiment que ce n'est rien et que ça ira mieux très rapidement. Bravo pour ton 6 miles par contre, c'est un beau 10km ça :)
Lâche pas Caro...tu vas finir par passer à travers!

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